Clustering results and SU-ICT-03 project CONCERTATION conference year 1

Miller, V. M.; Miller, M.; Rannenberg, K.; Niknia, A.; Arastouei, N.; Pape, S.; Skarmeta, A.; Ferreira, A.; Markatos, E.; Matyas, V.; Crabu, M.; Lopez, J.; Fernandez, C.; Pasic, A.; Omerovic, A.; Lafuente, A. L.; Angelini, M.; Hemetsberger, L.; Halunen, K.; Krenn, S.; Annicchino, P.; Kamm, L.; Goodman, D.; Goodman, R.; Surinx, D.; Preuveneers, D.; Sterlini, P.; Kadenko, N.; Douligeris, C. and Benzekri, A.

Technical Report Deliverable 10.1, CyberSec4Europe, 2020.


This deliverable is intended to capture the key discussions and messages resulting from the first CyberSec4Europe Concertation Event held in Toulouse, France in November 2019. In addition, the document also includes a summary of collaboration activities undertaken by CyberSec4Europe project partners over the first one year of the project. In the original description of this deliverable a clustering task was included, however, this project clustering was actually first done at the CyberSec4Europe proposal stage (a summary of which is included as Figure 1, and furthermore, since another H2020 project ( has undertaken an extensive effort to address this specific task including more than 150 projects, rather than repeating the efforts, we have made the decision to place more work upon the key elements of the high level concertation event and the extensive collaboration work undertaken by the CyberSec4Europe partners. The concertation event included the active participation and discussions with top level European representatives from industry (e.g. Airbus), academia & research (e.g. IRIT and many other research and universities), the European Commission (e.g. DG CNECT), regional and national government (e.g. France and Occitanie Region), as well as a very significant and broad comprehensive set of stakeholders both from outside the consortium and as partners within CyberSec4Europe. The results, recommendations and conclusions are truly representative of the broadest set of inputs and feedback from the different communities and stakeholders, and as such can be used to form the basis for informed decision-making looking forward well into the future.



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