Usable security & privacy methods and recommendations

Halunen, K.; Cheminod, M.; Beckerle, M.; Durante, L.; Preuveneers, D.; Kompara, M.; Martinie, C.; Bernabe, J. B.; Garofalo, G.; Tesfay, W. B.; Pape, S.; Palanque, P.; Crispo, B. and Gupta, S.

Technical Report Deliverable 3.5, CyberSec4Europe, 2020.


This document presents the most relevant state of the art in usable security and privacy as well as usability related to these topics in the context of Cyber Security for Europe project. The document focuses on the most relevant use cases as identified in the demonstrators of this project. In the end, four recommendations are provided both for general use and in the context of use cases from CyberSec4Europe. We recommend the use of authenticated encryption whenever possible, early user involvement in the development of new security and privacy features, user modeling and tests for new features and the use of authentication methods that are secure and privacy-friendly. Also, future directions for research in these topics are provided. The main concern is to keep up with the changing user behavior and security and privacy technologies and threats.



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