Usability Requirements Validation

Crispo, B.; Gupta, S.; Halunen, K.; Kompara, M.; Preuveneers, D.; Palanque, P.; Beckerle, M.; Martinie, C.; Hita, A. and Pape, S.

Technical Report Deliverable 3.7, CyberSec4Europe, 2020.


This document presents the most relevant state of the art in usability requirements validation methodology and frameworks and puts them in relation to the security and privacy usability requirements that emerged in the context of the Cyber Security for Europe project. Then, it presents the most important research works about validation of usability in the security and privacy field, showing that there are many important choices and decisions to take while designing the validation process. Thus, in the end, the document presents some recommendations that ought to be considered while designing a security and privacy usability requirements validation process in general and in the specific context of the use cases related to CyberSec4Europe.



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