Requirements Engineering and Tool-Support for Security and Privacy

Pape, S.


In order to address security and privacy problems in practice, it is very important to have a solid elicitation of requirements, before trying to address the problem. In this thesis, specific challenges of the areas of social engineering, security management and privacy enhancing technologies are analyzed: Social Engineering: An overview of existing tools usable for social engineering is provided and defenses against social engineering are analyzed. Serious games are proposed as a more pleasant way to raise employees' awareness and to train them. Security Management: Specific requirements for small and medium sized energy providers are analyzed and a set of tools to support them in assessing security risks and improving their security is proposed. Larger enterprises are supported by a method to collect security key performance indicators for different subsidiaries and with a risk assessment method for apps on mobile devices. Furthermore, a method to select a secure cloud provider - the currently most popular form of outsourcing - is provided. Privacy Enhancing Technologies: Relevant factors for the users' adoption of privacy enhancing technologies are identified and economic incentives and hindrances for companies are discussed. Privacy by design is applied to integrate privacy into the use cases e-commerce and internet of things.

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Alternative version without appendix

Since my habilitation thesis is a cummulative thesis, most of its content has been published already and the contribution of the main part of the thesis is mostly to connect the different papers and provide a holistic view on the topic. Due to the inclusion of the original research papers in the appendix it has become a bit unhandy, that's why here is a version without the appendix.