THREAT-ARREST platform's initial reference architecture

Koshutanski, H.; Tsantekidis, M.; Damiani, E.; Frati, F.; Cimato, S.; Riccobene, E.; Hatzivasilis, G.; Fysarakis, K.; Spanoudakis, G.; Blinder, O.; Vinov, M.; Hildebrandt, T.; Wortmann, D.; Rompoti, V.; Bravos, G.; Chatzigiannakis, V.; Beckers, K.; Pape, S.; Kunc, M. and Bašta, P.

Technical Report Deliverable 1.3, Threat-Arrest, 2019.


This deliverable presents the initial version for the THREAT-ARREST platform architecture, focusing on the Data Flow and Component Communication views between the underlying tools. It extends the architecture in DoA with relevant details on data dependence and communication among the tools, and provides initial specification of each main tool of the platform. As initial architecture, this document will serve as input to further project activities and developments. The work is developed under the task 'T1.3 - Initial Platform architecture'.



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