Initial installation and usage guidelines for the THREAT-ARREST platform

Koshutanski, H.; Frati, F.; Hildebrandt, T.; Hatzivasilis, G.; Fysarakis, K.; Smyrlis, M.; Spanoudaki, S.; Spanoudakis, G.; Blinder, O.; Goeke, L.; Quintanar, A.; Pape, S.; Tsakirakis, G. and Bravos, G.

Technical Report Deliverable 6.2, Threat-Arrest, 2020.


This document reports on the installation procedures and guidelines for the usage of the THREAT-ARREST platform first version. It overviews the installation necessary to deploy an instance of a THREAT-ARREST platform and guidelines for using the platform's GUI. The guidelines primarily address trainees, trainers, and those responsible for the creation of CTTP models. The platform training capabilities have been developed and provided as a service to end user (pilot) organisations.



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