Security Requirements and Risks Conceptualization

Outi-Marja, L.; Cheminod, M.; Pape, S.; Tesfay, W. B.; Beckerle, M.; Fischer-Hübner, S.; Preuveneers, D.; Hassan, A.; Pasquale, L.; Kezmah, B.; Kompara, M.; Rodriguez, J. G.; Moreno, R. T. and Martinie, C.

Technical Report Deliverable 3.16, CyberSec4Europe, 2021.


This document presents the research results on usable security and privacy, and on usability of different security solutions, that were acquired in the context of Cyber Security for Europe project. This report highlights relevant research questions organized into three themes of privacy, security requirements and designing security for the human user. In this task the partners have developed the usability aspects of their assets. We have organized the assets into three layers according to their relationship with the user. To conclude this report we collected common observations and recommendations from the research results.



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