Since I get asked certain questions for resources over and over again, I started to put a list together in order to be able to look them up fast. The lists come without varanty and as is, but I am happy to add further items or correct errors if you drop me a mail.


Award Donator Scope Phd MA BA Others Frequence Deadline
Security and Privacy Awards
Deutscher IT-Sicherheitspreis Horst Görzt Stiftung IT-security: Relevant to the market, innovatice, mature Bi-Yearly
Promotionspreis IT-Sicherheit CAST / GI progress in IT security, enable security in IT applications Yearly Mid of December
Förderpreis IT-Sicherheit CAST innovative ideas, interesting results, new points of view and ways within current and relevant topics of IT security Yearly End of July
GDD Wissenschaftspreis GDD help close the gap between the legal, technical and social framework of data protection and data security Yearly End of July
EDPL Young Scholars Award European Data Protection Law Review Articles based on (MA/PhD) thesis for young researchers (under 35), deal with data protection issues, European perspective (legal, interdisciplinary) Yearly (?) November
ERCIM STM PhD Award ERCIM, WG STM Best Ph.D. Thesis on Security and Trust Management Yearly (?) July
CNIL-Inria Privacy Award CNIL, INRIA scientific paper on privacy and personal data protection Yearly September
Casper Bowden PET Award Petsymposium any paper on privacy enhancing technologies Yearly April
Andreas Pfitzmann Best Student Paper Award Petsymposium Best student paper Yearly
Kristian Beckman Award IFIP TC11 Yearly
Yves Deswarte Best Student Paper Award IFIP TC11 Best student paper on IFIP SEC Yearly
Awards suitable for Security and Privacy also
Deutscher Studienpreis Körber Stiftung social significance, benefit of scientific knowledge for society as a whole. Yearly March 1st
Wissenschaftspreis TARGION Intargia strategic information management, digitisation and digital transformation Yearly End of Februar
EuroSys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award ACM EURO/SYS, Red Hat creativity and innovation in systems research, broadly construed; price based on impact Yearly Mid of March


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  1. Kröger, J. L.; Gellrich, L.; Pape, S.; Brause, S. R. and Ullrich, S.: Response data - Survey on privacy impacts of voice & speech analysis. DepositOnce, 2021.
    DOILinkLink Abstract KGPBU21dataBibtexprivacymethodology


  2. Harborth, D. and Pape, S.: Dataset on Actual Users of the Privacy-Enhancing Technology Jondonym. IEEE Dataport, 2020.
    PDFDOILinkLinkLinkLink Dataset Dataset Abstract HP20dataportJDBibtexprivacypetsmethodologyanon


  3. Harborth, D. and Pape, S.: Dataset on Actual Users of the Privacy-Enhancing Technology Tor. IEEE Dataport, 2020.
    PDFDOILinkLinkLinkLink Dataset Dataset Abstract HP20dataportTorBibtexprivacypetsmethodologyanon




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