Investigating Privacy Concerns related to Mobile Augmented Reality Applications

Harborth, D. and Pape, S.

In Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Information Systems ICIS 2019, Munich, Germany, December 13-15, 2019, 2019.


Augmented reality (AR) gained much public attention since the success of Pokemon Go in 2016. Technology companies like Apple or Google are focusing primarily on mobile AR (MAR) applications running on smartphones or tablets since this type of AR is widely available for the end consumer. Associated privacy issues have to be investigated early as long as AR is still shapeable in order to foster market adoption and improve users' privacy. Thus, we designed a vignette-based online experiment to investigate influencing factors of privacy concerns related to a hypothetical MAR app. Furthermore, we investigate whether individuals associate higher privacy concerns with AR compared to non-AR by manipulating the description of the app. Thereby, we want to better understand the attitude formation process related to AR and the relation to privacy concerns. We conduct a pretest with 91 German smartphone users to evaluate the used constructs and our proposed research model.

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