Initial Prototype of Integrated THREAT-ARREST Platform

Koshutanski, H.; Frati, F.; Hildebrandt, T.; Hatzivasilis, G.; Fysarakis, K.; Smyrlis, M.; Spanoudakis, G.; Blinder, O.; Goeke, L.; Pape, S.; Leftheriotis, G.; Tsakirakis, G.; Bravos, G. and Kunc, M.

Technical Report Deliverable 6.1, Threat-Arrest, 2020.


This document presents the first version of the integrated THREAT-ARREST platform. The THREAT-ARREST training is offered as a service to organizations through a Web-based GUI. The first version of the platform is released along three full-fledged training scenarios for Smart Energy, Smart Transportation, and Healthcare, each addressing trainees of different knowledge and skills. Credentials to access the platform are provided in the document to facilitate demonstration and validation in pilot activities. The first version successfully integrates and orchestrates the various training capabilities such as emulation, simulation, gamification, visualization, user scoring, and CTTP model creation.



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