A Discussion on Ethical Cybersecurity Issues in Digital Service Chains

Tronnier, F.; Pape, S.; Löbner, S. and Rannenberg, K.

In Cybersecurity of Digital Service Chains - Challenges, Methodologies, and Tools, pages 222-256, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 13300, 2022.


Enabling cybersecurity and protecting personal data are crucial challenges in the development and provision of digital service chains. Data and information are the key ingredients in the creation process of new digital services and products. While legal and technical problems are frequently discussed in academia, ethical issues of digital service chains and the commercialization of data are seldom investigated. Thus, based on outcomes of the Horizon2020 PANELFIT project, this work discusses current ethical issues related to cybersecurity. Utilizing expert workshops and encounters as well as a scientific literature review, ethical issues are mapped on individual steps of digital service chains. Not surprisingly, the results demonstrate that ethical challenges cannot be resolved in a general way, but need to be discussed individually and with respect to the ethical principles that are violated in the specific step of the service chain. Nevertheless, our results support practitioners by providing and discussing a list of ethical challenges to enable legally compliant as well as ethically acceptable solutions in the future.

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